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Get a discount on your marriage license by choosing
 either of these two options for premarital counseling:

Why invest in premarital counseling?
​Marriage is a lot more difficult than it seems!

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Individual Couple Sessions

  • ​Complete a customized couples assessment to identify the strengths and growth areas of your relationship
  • ​Spend 6 sessions with an expert Marriage counselor any of your concerns

Congratulations on your Engagement!


Premarital Counseling helps: 

  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Learn how to resolve conflicts effectively
  • Develop a financial management plan
  • Explore each person's expectations of marriage
  • Discuss and Explore plans and ideals on parenting
  • Discuss intimacy and affection and how to meet your partners needs
  • Share how to cope with stressful life experiences and situations
  • Develop personal, couple,and family goals

Everyone does not fall within any given statistic, however, what the research shows us is that many individuals who do not prepare for their marriage have a greater difficulty in maintaining their relationship.  Whether they have lived together, have children, or were even married before.  Each relationship deserves that special attention of ensuring that you prepare properly for a lasting relationship.  The reality is... marriage makes thing more real than they have ever been.  You are now connect in a way that you were never before and that can be scary all by itself.  However, to ensure that you have the necessary skills to endure obstacles that you may encounter in the future you need to take the opportunity to "iron out those wrinkles and potential wrinkles".   Quick fixes won't do, but prevention works every time!

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Save over $30 on your marriage license
​when you attend the premarital seminar!

Upcoming Premarital Seminar!

​​Premarital Seminar

  • ​An action packed 4 hour seminar that will teach you strategies for improving your relationship and maintaining a strong relationship
  • ​Laugh and learn from a relationship professional and other engaged couples